Lesley Anne Grew

  UKCP registered psychotherapist & UKCP approved clinical supervisor


my background and experience 

Before going freelance, I had nearly twenty years of experience in the personnel field, with extensive involvement in all matters concerning employee wellbeing.

I trained in both counselling and psychotherapy, and am a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered psychotherapist.  I have been in independent practice for over seventeen years.


my training and qualifications

Training in stress counselling and stress management at the Centre for Multimodal Therapy and Centre for Stress Management:  Certificate in Counselling Skills;  Primary Certificate in Multimodal Therapy and Counselling.

Training in counselling linked to art therapy at the Person-Centred Art Therapy Centre:  Certificate in Person-Centred Art Therapy - awarded by Crawley College.  This course provided training in person-centred counselling and how to bring this facilitative approach to working with clients' images expressed in art form.  It was taught by Liesl Silverstone, the originator of this approach and author of Art Therapy - the Person-Centred Way.

Training in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy:  Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy;  Diploma in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Psychotherapy  (I was awarded a distinction grade for my diploma and also for my dissertation 'self-esteem - an exploration of psychotherapeutic approaches') ;  Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy;  European Certificate of Psychotherapy.

The National College training, which takes four years to complete to UKCP registration level, provided me with broad-based training in psychotherapy, covering a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic ones  and the approaches of Freud, Jung and Adler; person-centred therapy; gestalt therapy; cognitive and behavioural therapies (including CBT); and Ericksonian and NLP psychotherapy.  The course also provided in-depth training in clinical hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and uses of imagery and visualisation, and in the integration of these with the various psychotherapeutic approaches.

At the time when I did my main training there, National College personnel were involved in the planning, implementation and teaching of hypnotherapy at the Institute of Advanced Nursing Education, Royal College of Nursing; the modules concerned were accredited by the University of Manchester.

I also hold the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation (ECCac).


my continuing professional development

Throughout the years since completing my training, I have been building on my experience and keeping abreast of developments in all the fields related to my work with clients and my areas of special interest.  I have also developed and deepened my understanding and experience of the person-centred (client-centred) approach, as I want the values of this approach to be at the heart of my practice and way of being in life.  Another area of my development has been exploring ways to provide a therapeutic, supportive climate and facilitate reflective practice for those working in the people professions.

Mindfulness  I have a long-standing interest in and experience of working with mindfulness and mindfulness-informed therapies, and over recent years as knowledge and research into the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness has grown, I have been developing and exploring the many different ways in which mindfulness can be integrated with therapy/personal development.